My name is Sammy. I live in France🇫🇷 (born and raised), with Morrocan🇲🇦 and Algerian🇩🇿 origin, and my wife is Indian🇮🇳. I'm a software engineer passionate about internet, advocating for online privacy, and with an affection for open-source projects.

I enjoy learning new alphabet. I can read (but not fully understand) Arabic🇸🇦, Cyrillic🇷🇺 and Greek🇬🇷. I also have been studying Japanese🇯🇵 since 2022; I know around 800-ish kanji, I am using active immersion with video games, light novels, and anime with Japanese subtitles. I plan to publish an article about it. Just for fun the following paragraph will be in Japanese. (highlight after the arrow or check footnote to translate)

➜My goal is to become a professor. Although changing career is challenging, I will do my best! I aspire to become a mathematics or computer science teacher.

Regarding my interests, I'm a true dilettante; it all depends on how I feel or which rabbit hole I'm exploring. You might come across articles about Operation Research, Mathematics, Programming, Internet Culture, Video game/Film/Serie/Book review or Japanese language...

Me in Japan in July 2023
Japan 🇯🇵, July 2023 | Size (15 KB)

Low Tech

You are reading a HTML-only website (with 100 lines of CSS). There is no third-party tracking, no advertising services and no cookies. All my images are compressed and dithered to reduce file size, inspired by LOW←TECH MAGAZINE. I'm using Nord Theme for my design.

All my previous blog attempt were bloated with JavaScript and used overkilled frameworks — I don't know why I did that, sometimes I find myself digging the wrong holes just for the sake of learning a language. After reading a lot of articles about low tech and small web, I must admit, it's a blast to return to simplicity and readability.


This website is licensed under CC0 (public domain), allowing you to take what you need and use it however you like. I thought a lot about it; initially, I considered licences like CC-BY or CC-BY-NC. However, after reflection, I questioned the purpose of sharing my work and insights if it meant placing restrictions on them? If, at any point, someone find any value in what I've shared, I don't want to limit their ideas. So feel free to take what you want or what you need, you're home!

P.S.: While not mandatory, your credit or heads-up when using my content is truly appreciated. Would be delighted to know it's in use! :')

Hardware & Software

Laptop: MacBook Pro (switching to linux soon)
Phone: iPhone (switching to /e/OS soon)
Browser: Brave
Text-Editor: Visual Studio Code (learning vim)
Terminal: iTerm with zsh
Image Dithering: Dither Me This


Video Games: Ryu Ga Gotoku series (Yakuza series)
Anime: Eyeshield 21, Kotarou wa Hitorigurashi, GTO, Golden Boy
Books: Black Dahlia (James Ellroy)
Films: Memento (2000), Thelma & Louise (1991), Usual Suspect (1995)
Series: The Walking Dead, The Office, Big Bang Theory

Random Facts

  1. My goal is to become a professor. Although changing career is challenging, I will do my best! I aspire to become a mathematics or computer science teacher.