First entry

I always wanted to have a blog.

Tried multiple times by the past but lack of motivation, incertitude about what to write or finding the perfect template got in the way.

I hope I will keep it up-to-date, however I don’t want to add burden with a strict number of articles I need to write each week.

I recently stumbled upon this blog on where the author wrote:
“Welcome to my blog, I’ll be posting once a week, so feel free to check regularly”
It was his first and only article— back in 2021.

So, why starting a blog, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, here’s the answer anyway.

Become an active contributor

All these years I’ve been a passive user of the web, consuming content from blog, videos, podcasts, without giving anything in return. Well, except for my attention (and it is actually a currency on the internet, a really prized one).

I wanted to become an active contributor to the small internet, to be a participant of the knowledge-sharing chain. And this is why I'm using CC0 licence, read more about that on the licence section of the ~/About page.

Build a second brain

I recently learned about commonplace books and felt in love with the idea. As I learn new concepts, I plan to collect and document them in this blog — for me, for you, for my kids, for your kids...

This practice dates back to ancient times, and there's something special about being able to immortalize our knowledge by documenting it, keeping it safe from oblivion. Usually these books are personal, kept secret by their author and when they die, all the gathered knowledge dies with them. This is why sharing is so important.

Anyway, welcome to this weblog, I hope you'll find something useful.